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The first Shabbat of every month

....feel comfortable, yes COMFORTABLE, at Shabbat Services!

If you could relate to the following description than maybe it's time for you to make your way over to the Chabad House!

The truth is, even if you don't relate to this description our services are still for you. At Chabad EVERY Jew is family. :) Now back to the text.

At SE Chabad Services, Rabbi Bialo's top priority is to provide the congregants with proper tools that facilitate understanding, inclusion and conformability with the services.


Highlights include:

  • A transliterated booklet which contains many of the traditional service songs and a collection of some of the prayers that are commonly recited together.
  • Short running commentary that explains the focus of various prayers together with some history and an occasional story.
  • A few selected Pharagraphs are read out loud in English.

….and much more……

 The first Shabbat of Every month at 10:00a.m.

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