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"Hey- Have you ever tasted a Kabbalah Cookie?"

The Kabbalah Cookie tabling at Reed was such blast watching everyone's surprise when they read their inspiring message which was a thought from the Kabbalah!
There was a homesick feeling in the air as Rabbi Bialo sang the Chanukah blessings. The large crowd looked up at the candles of the 9 Foot Menorah right infront of Commons.
Following the Menorah Lighting was a grand Chanukah Party with hot soup, dreidel games, chocolate coins, and taking turns spinning the 3 foot Dreidel!!!
pictures were taken before and after Shabbat
The Sephardic Shabbat was a learning experience of a lifetime! The students discovered the secret of Jewish survival throughout the good and troubling times in our history. They ate the spanish food! Wore the clothes! and reveled in the atmosphere!
After Shabbat they came for a after Shabbat party where they again enjoyed the Spanish experience.
Purim was a smashing blast with the heavenly chocolate dripping down the chocolate fondue! Chocolate covered hamantashen! Fruit! and a delicious meal!
It was so cool how the dressed up man read the Megillah with voices of the story of Purim! After that we played an intense game of Sudoku.
A collection of pictures from an awesome year at the Chabad Jewish Student Center!
Sushi rolling with Chef Justin Owner of Sushi Hana!
We had a blast learning how to roll our own sushi, socializing, and eating it in the sukkah on campus!
Chana's Touch- Mirror decorating- Is this the Me that I want to be???
Joining Chani in the Kitchen and cooking for Shabbat with our free shabbat cookbooks!
Lunch and Learn at PSU in memory of Rabbi Gabi and Rivkah Holtzberg and the victims of the Mumbai attack.
Purim at the Reed SU! What a blast! Thanks Sarah Semon for organizing this event with an unbelievable Purim puppet show!!!
Everyone got so creative with decorating their masks, creating crowns... funky head bands... and making Shalach Manot- gifts of at least 2 diff. types of foods- for their friends. Ofcourse we can't forget the scrumptious "picking foods" that was laid out! Happy Purim!
PURIM 2010!
What a Purim bash!! Chinese food! Hearing the Megillah! Making a Shalach Manot bag to give to a friend! Dressing up in costumes (well, at least some of us). AWESOME PUPPET SHOW by the Sarahs! Mocktails! Music! and more!