Welcome to the SE Portland Chabad Hebrew School!

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Where the children will explore the Hebrew Alef Beis, Mitzvos, and Jewish Holidays in a beautiful, exciting hands on way!

Children will nurture their love for judaism and a passion for Jewish learning.

We can't wait for you to join the warm SE Portland Chabad Hebrew School family!!!


Children learn the Alef Beis through logical associations of the letters! (ex: Peh- looks like a Portrait!)

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Hands on learning! Learning about the Mitzvah of Challah for the letter Ches!

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We learn everything through using our fine and gross motor skills! (Alex is putting his body in the shape of the letter Vav!)

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Click Here for the Hebrew School and Events Calendar for 2017-18

For more info Please call: 503-236-6642 or Email: Chani@SEPortlandChabad.com

Looking Forward to hearing from you!