Chana's Touch:  A time to relax,  to be yourself, to use you talents, to find your inner strength and to discover the beauty of being a Jewish Woman.

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This program is dedicated to a dear friend Chana A''H who passed away.   She was a very special woman who's true beauty shone forth inside and outside.  We hope and pray that this program will give her soul an elevation. 

About the name:

The name Chana is an acronym for the 3 unique Mitzvos of a woman.  They are, Challah, Niddah and Hadlakas Neiros- Making Challah which also refers to kosher in the home, Family Purity and Lighting the Shabbat candles.  Therefore the name Chana perfectly represents a Jewish Woman.

Touch- represents something that only a woman has.  That special gift that Women have with regard to really everything! With relationships- friends, family, children..., emotionally and spiritually- in all different aspects of our lives!

The womans touch makes such a powerful difference.